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Dec. Construction Jobs Fall; Industrial, Office, Apartment Markets Worsen
Construction employment fell by 53,500 (-0.9 percent), accounting for more than 60 percent of total losses for December 2009, and by 934,000 (14 percent) for the year.

July 14, 2009 – Plumbing Tool Prompts City Hall Evacuation
A “suspicious item” found in a planter near Los Angeles City Hall prompted the evacuation of the first three floors of the historic building for about 45 minutes ...

July 13, 2009 – Childhood Tub & Shower Injuries Surprisingly High
A new study finds slips and falls in the tub are sending 120 injured U.S. kids to the emergency room daily …

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Ask Al
Vicious Hiring Cycle
Q. I've been able to hire some talented people, but after a short time on the job, they all act the same. They become so demanding, and I already get enough of that from my family. Eventually, it's so problematic that they either quit or I have to fire them, and then the process starts all over.
How do I get out of this hiring rut?

by Al Levi
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Ask Al
No More Skipping The Selling Process
Q. I've recently gone from time-and-material to flat rate selling. My techs are struggling with having to present a price before they start the work and actually getting the customer to agree. How do I get them selling the flat rate way correctly?

by Al Levi
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Floor Heating Dilemma
Using a gas-fired cast-iron boiler to supply zoned radiant floor heating.

by John Siegenthaler, P.E.
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Greatest Plumbing & Heating Inventions
People take for granted devices such as the T&P valve, kitchen disposal, flush toilet and so many of our industry's other useful gadgets that have made lives safer, healthier, more comfortable and convenient.

Back to Basics: Sprinkler Piping Materials
The most commonly used steel pipe for sprinkler systems is black steel pipe. Copper tubing is another piping material listed for sprinklers in NFPA 13. Also, plastic pipe (namely, CPVC and PEX tubing) is permitted for certain types of sprinkler systems.

by Julius Ballanco, P.E., CPD
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Investment Strategy
The right vehicle will pay dividends.
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Sizing Grease Interceptors
Think in terms of gpm and gallons when installing grease interceptors.

by Rand Ackroyd
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Thousands Of Jobs Available
The media leads you to believe there is a jobs shortage. The truth is there is only a skilled labor shortage.

by Howard Weiss
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Local 33 Rolls Out Mobile Unit To Address Skilled Welder Shortage
A new Hybrid Welding Program provides apprentices with the skills they need to join the welding workforce in 18 weeks.
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Training Available For Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems
You must be certified to design and install these systems under the new ICC mandate.

by Kelly Faloon
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Super Soaker
Free-standing tubs that allow homeowners to soak in style.

by Christina MacDonald
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Plumbing Trends: Maintenance Heaters
Inline water heaters for tubs and whirlpools maintain bath water temperature so bathers can enjoy a longer soak.

by Katie Rotella
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Geothermal Heating, Cooling Systems Relieve The Strain Of Soaring Energy Costs
Americans turn in record numbers to environmentally friendly geothermal heat pumps.

by WaterFurnace International Inc.
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Plumbing Trends
The Commercial Sector: An oasis on the bumpy construction road?

by Katie Rotella
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Economic Stimulus Act Offers Big Benefits To Contractors
Detailed guidelines outline tax incentives for construction software and equipment purchases made in 2008.

by Russ Roy
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Dec. Construction Jobs Fall; Industrial, Office, Apartment Markets Worsen
Construction employment fell by 53,500 (-0.9 percent), accounting for more than 60 percent of total losses for December 2009, and by 934,000 (14 percent) for the year.

July 15, 2009 – Hilti Announces Tool Loaner Service
Customers can receive loaner tools at no cost when their corresponding Tool Fleet Management tool is being repaired ...

July 15, 2009 – DOE Solicits For RD&D On Combined Heat, Power Systems
The Dept of Energy reports that CHP systems can achieve efficiencies of 80% or more compared to roughly 45% for conventional heat and power production ...

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Truck of the Month: Maccarone Plumbing and Heating, Glen Clove, N.Y.
‘Yes, we can’

by Mike Miazga

Tool Tips — February 2012
A second set of hands
Another use for Coca-Cola
No more sticky gloves
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